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On June 16, 1903, Ford Motor Company was officially founded. At first, the restless Henry Ford held the position of vice president, with John S. Gray in charge of the first steps of the company, although only three years later, Henry was already at the helm of the company.

The two-liter Model A was the first vehicle that came out of one of its plants, not until 1908 that the successful Model T was born, which meant an authentic revolution. His arrival on the streets was an authentic tide that made him continue to produce until 1927 and verify in 1916 the milestone that more than half of the vehicles that rolled on the cobblestones were units of this model.

The growth of the company is practically exponential and already under the charge of Edsel Ford, son of Henry, the company acquires Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, is involved in the manufacture of aircraft and finally reaches the round figure of 10 million of T-models built in 1924. Such was the expansion, that only three years later, Henry took his picture next to the vehicle that commemorated the 15 million units assembled.

In 1954 Ford decided to start marketing the Thunderbird, a car that would be replaced a decade later by the first generation of the Mustang. The affectionately nicknamed as ‘Pony’, a sales success from the first day (22,000 orders were made as soon as the news of the start of its production was known) finally received the name of Mustang despite the fact that one of the options had been that of Call it Cougar, name that would finally receive the small two-door sports.

The original designs of the Ford Mustang were a success, however, the model that has endured as a classic of the Mustang family is, without a doubt, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. With Carroll Shelby at the helm of the Ford racing program, the distinctive white bands that crossed their modified cars like the also famous Ford GT40 became famous.

For February of 1970, and after the fall in the sale of race cars of the line Ford-Shelby, Ford concludes the contract with Carroll Shelby.a commercialize the Thunderbird, car that would be replaced a decade later by the first generation of the Mustang.




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